Nicki Minaj Saudi gig prompts confusion online


Nicki Minaj has been announced as a headline act for a music festival in Saudi Arabia, prompting confusion on social media over how her typically revealing outfits and explicit lyrics would go over in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

The rapper will perform at the Jeddah World Fest on 18 July.

The concert is the latest example of the kingdom loosening restrictions on entertainment and encouraging the growth of the arts sector.

“Nicki Minaj” trended on Twitter on Wednesday as people reacted to the announcement.

“Imagine waking up from a three year coma and the first thing you hear is Nicki Minaj [is] opening a musical festival in Saudi Arabia, I’d honestly think I woke up in some parallel universe,” one person wrote.

Another questioned if the event organisers had Googled the performer prior to booking her. “No one in Saudi Arabia googled Nicki Minaj did they?” tweeted Kabir Taneja.



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