Boris Johnson: May bidding farewell before new PM takes office


The new Conservative leader will take office on Wednesday afternoon following an audience with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

After entering Number 10, he is expected to announce a clutch of senior cabinet posts, including chancellor of the exchequer and home secretary.

He is expected to use the opportunity to increase the number of women in full cabinet positions and boost the representation of ethnic minorities.

Johnson won a decisive victory over Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt in a ballot of Tory members – gaining a 66.4% total share of the vote.

Conversations are said to be “ongoing” between Mr Hunt and Mr Johnson about the foreign secretary’s next role.

Johnson is resolute that his leadership rival should not stay on at the Foreign Office, but Mr Hunt is firm that he won’t accept anything less than his current role – or becoming home secretary, chancellor or deputy prime minister – and considers other moves a demotion.

After his victory, Mr Johnson said his priorities were to deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.



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