Sudan Rebel Leader Returns Despite Death Sentence


A Sudanese rebel leader has returned to the country after years in exile despite having been sentenced to death in absentia.
Yasir Arman was convicted for involvement in an uprising that began in 2011 in Blue Nile State.
He is reported to have faced no problem from the authorities on his arrival.
He returns six weeks after President Omar al-Bashir was ousted from power and observers speculate that he could take part in peace talks.
Arman joined the SPLM rebel group in the south of Sudan in the 1980s when it was fighting against the Khartoum government.
After South Sudan seceded in 2011 he formed the SPLM-N rebel group which kept fighting President Omar al-Bashir’s troops in Blue Nile State – forcing tens of thousands from their homes.
Bashir was ousted from power in April after mass protests and a military council took over.
The ruling military council and the opposition protest movement have been in talks about the future of the country.


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